Gratitude = Eyes that See

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“How can we worship without being grateful?

Giving thanks in all our beings for the sheer privilege of being here to witness the marvels of creation–from the magnificence of stars and mountains to the frailest blue harebell or humblest mouse.

How can we worship God without rejoicing and being grateful for the greatest marvel of all — self? One’s own precious, sentient self, and every circumstance of its life experience.


Just being grateful–that, too, flings open even wider the door to God.

One thing is sure, I can never hang on to God if I keep right on whining and complaining, blaming other people, the world, and sometimes even the weather, for what seems my dismal lot.

… Such ingratitude is an insult to my Creator.” — Marjorie Holmes

We can’t be grateful unless our eyes are open to see.

Unless we notice.

At the beginning of a romance, it’s easy to notice things. The lilt of a voice or the cute accent. The fine features or the curly hair.

It’s easy to be grateful for every moment shared.

It’s natural to show gratitude to the loved one, in thoughts and words and deeds, because that person is all we’re thinking about.

But time passes and the beauty seems to fade. Our eyes grow dull … or did we never see clearly in the first place?

It is said that love “grows cold.” Passion and romance are related to fire, and apathy to frigidity.

Must love always fade into coldness?

Something wintry and worn instead of springlike and new?

Must our love for God do the same?

God forbid. May we open our eyes.

Because the wonder and the newness, the gratitude and the receiving of every perfect and beautiful gift, comes with seeing eyes.

So much love is sprinkled throughout the world.

Awash in the light of every day are gifts bestowed from a God of perfect love.

  • A goal or purpose to pursue.
  • A sight that brings laughter
  • The feeling of belonging.
  • A worthwhile cause to promote.
  • A son or daughter or spouse or partner to love.
  • The friend or author that puts into words something you’ve always felt so you know you’re not alone.
  • A crystal sky, a placid lake.

It is all love.

We see it and know it if we will only take the time to look. A writer, an artist, a lover, tries to take that time.

It might come more naturally for certain people, but it still takes effort because our hours are chock-full of timely tasks and overdue projects.

Today, perhaps this moment, stop.

Take that time.

Make that time.

Look. Listen. Let your heart and mind fill with wonder.

Then write … or live … from a heart of gratitude.




I offer advice and insights on literature, writing, working from home, and related topics. I love popcorn, petrichor, and homemade chai.

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Bonita Jewel

Bonita Jewel

I offer advice and insights on literature, writing, working from home, and related topics. I love popcorn, petrichor, and homemade chai.

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